I have never seen really seen myself as someone that people admire or even look up to. Over the last few years and I have grown as an artist I have received a lot of compliments that I am taken away by that mean a lot to me and let me  know that I’m doing something right. My good friend/engineer/collaborator Carl Roe recently posted his feelings My guy Kev is a pioneer in the scene out here. He pioneered “Vacation Music.” Yup, that’s what I’m calling it. Kev invented vacation music; the type of music you want to bring with you on any vacation for any occasion. Vacation Music is the new genre.” The fact that someone feels I’m the pioneer of a genre of music is too dope. Carl isn’t one to just say something to say it, that’s not his style. Knowing this is a genuine thought and feeling is dope as well.



I can’t wait to release more “Vacation Music”


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