I swear this song is…


I usually don’t write about other music on my page but dammit I’m about to start! I love music too much not to. I’m not a music blogger, just an artist who loves the art!

I was thoroughly vibin’ to “Come Correct” by Seattle emcee Gifted Gab (@Gifted_Gaband Bay area emcee Blimes Brixton (). Look, as someone who makes music out here in the #PNW I haven’t been to as many shows as I should have in the past few years, nor have I really had my ear to what’s in our region. I’ve been hella focused on my art, but i digress.

This track felt right to me, it felt like something I could ride to and that’s exactly what I did this last weekend when I had my cousin in the car with me. I played it for him and he was super about it, the kicker, he’s only 18 but has a deep admiration for hip hop.

I’m not going to get all analytical and break down the rhyme schemes and the word play. What I will say is that I enjoyed listening to these women on this track. It felt authentic and that I appreciate more than anything. Hella people on Twitter have been referring to them as “Run the Pearls”, honestly I dig that. Keep moving forward ladies!!

I now await the next one.

Click the link and take a listen, you might just dig it!




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