KEV’s brand new album, 40, is the soundtrack to summer in the PNW.

Tacoma, WA – Kev’s album 40 releases on July 15, 20201 as a celebration of turning 40, features some of the PNW’s best talent. On ‘Throwback 95’ Q Dot comes out of retirement, webetheteam, Corey Tate, Littoral and MMS join forces for a PNW power anthem. As with turning 40, the album showcases the maturity in KEV’s craft. In ‘Code Switchin’ listeners learn more about KEV’s growing up and can feel the impact it has as he embraces life at 40.

The PNW, has been KEV’s life long home and it’s artists have inspired much of KEV’s music. With 40 KEV throws his hat in the ring catapulting his album from influenced to influencer. This album has something for everyone from turn up to chill and anthems that will be the soundtrack of summer.

Kev has been popular on the local music circuit touring throughout the PNW. Drawing from his years opening for local and national acts, KEV has put his experience to good use and is ready to take the performance aspect of his craft to new heights. With live music coming back after Covid closures fans will be eager to experience 40 live.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact Kev at or visit

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