For immediate release, New KEV album dropping March 23, 2021

​Washington State Music artist Kev will release something unexpected, his first R&B album titled Soju Sessions. Kev’s musical world can come across as a bottle. In other words, each person’s interpretation will be different, which is what he is going for. So, even though this is his 1st R&B album release, it is again another bottle for folks to drink from. Kev states that Soju Sessions was inspired by a weekend he and his wife had that was full of soju, the colorless distilled alcoholic beverage of Korean origin. “It’s something familiar but you can taste the difference with all of its flavors,” said Kev.

Soju Sessions is available for Spotify Pre-Save:

Soju Sessions is available for Pre-Order Via Kev’s Bandcamp Page and get 1 track TODAY!


For everyone who has something going on they feel they can’t talk about. Something they don’t think anyone will understand. This is for those who have lost loved ones who were taken by their illnesses and are no longer here. This is for the 22 a day who have taken their lives after living in silence with their pain.Please check on your loved ones, a simple “I just want you to know I love you,” can save a life.Thank you to my little brother Devon for being a part of this video. This is dedicated to you and those like you who have lost brothers and sisters. This is dedicated to everyone who feels they don’t have a choice, you do, your loved ones are here for you to talk to.

I love ya