Words From the Listeners!

Early reviews of “40”…

KEV’s brand new album, 40, is the soundtrack to summer in the PNW.

40 by KEV celebrates the life and experience of Kev and it does so expertly. Encompassing the albums theme there is a maturity to the craft KEV fans will enjoy, it’s KEV finally in his lane and honing his craft at the next level. The album starts with an introduction that sets up the rest of tracks to flow perfectly from start to finish. If you live in the PNW this album is full of anthems you will be cursing to for years to come. While 40 focuses on KEV he’s also brought many familiar PNW talents to collab on tracks like ‘Throwback 95’ which is easy to get caught up as it feels like a nee song with each feature tied together by a classic KEV beat that hits hard and gets the adrenaline going. The rawness of ‘Code Switchin’ shows KEV reflecting on his lived experience in a short but impactful song with a haunting beat. This album has it all music to turn up to, chill and vibe, or cruise the waterfront and enjoy life. – Liz (Tacoma,WA)

Never changed who I am just started being who I was” (Code Switch, Track 5)

Kev has done it again. His authenticity shines in his latest album 40. Lyrically he doesn’t disappoint. His story is telling and the love he has for wife and life is evident through out the album. It is great to hear features from some of the PNW local legends. Kev gives us pieces of his own mental health journey and his positive outlook on life. His vulnerability in sharing this through the music makes listening easy. There is truth in every song. My head never stopped vibing as I was listening. Beats were superb. Kev cut no corners with this album.Melissa (Federal Way, WA)

“KEV, 40 brings an eclectic range of musical ability.”

With the new album by KEV, 40 brings an eclectic range of musical ability. Mixed with hip hop, soul, and R&B, KEV shows he has grown from a young rapper to a soulful musician that knows no limit and lays out everything on the table. The sample from All Night Long to the hard hitting 808s of “Hot Damn” shows his roots while “Sunrise” will be a banger for summer nights and the throwback 90’s beat of Well….”Throwback”. KEV has never been afraid to feature any upcoming artist he sees something in. This album simply will be a summer favorite to throw on at a BBQ or go for a drive. – JR (Tacoma, WA)

Very dope project!

I was pleasantly surprised on how good the tracks flowed from production to lyrics to concepts and features it really is a solid project. If I was rating 40 with the Hip-Hop bible standard I give it 3 and a half mics. Stand outs are Code Switchin’ ,title track 40 ,Size 14’s ,my favorite FLYLO and I absolutely love the crew cut Throwback 95. 

I am creeping up on 40 myself so this Album connects with me and I love the” for the novelty” drop through out the project just a reminder that the love for the art that is Hip-Hip still stands strong! I do feel the project is missing 2 or 3 tracks that could give the album a more complete feel. I do love the track placement . From the opener all the way to the last two tracks that tied In the emotion of 40 real nicely. Over all I really dig the project and I will play some of the tracks out at my gigs. Super dope chill vibes and I love all the love KEV shows his wife through out 40. – DJNUVO

Thanks for letting me preview the new album!

So I gotta keep it 100, gotta give the view of a dj as well as a producer. The lyrics, gotta say are tight, but his voice is very monotone to me. No highs or lows, just straight level. Not sure if that’s just a west coast vibe, especially cause I was brought up in NY. Me personally, I would try and show a little more emotion in the rhyme. Wasn’t too crazy about the first few tracks, but once I hit Throwback 95, that’s when KEV had me! Love the old school flavor, especially with that Craig Mack sample, definite beast! Would love to get that one for the station if there’s a clean version? Also, I like the way I can understand all the lyrics, can’t stand the mumble rap nowadays. lol! Not much, just a few things I would change up. Overall, not a bad album, definitely the kind of album you wanna bump out your car, or chillin’ with a blunt. lol! DJ Hugo Boss


On August 21, 2018 I released my 8th studio project “ARTMUSIC VOL.2”. I have reached out to fans and colleagues and asked them for their opinion on the album.

Here’s what they had to say:

– Phenomenal (Logan R., Missoula MT)

– This album is amazing! Raw and real! Love it (Pooji T., Olympia WA)

– I’ve listened to Kev’s last 4 albums through and through but this one beats his heart and soul on a whole new level. The beats he’s produced to accompany the words he’s crafted, are impeccable and leave you bobbing your head and wanting more. This album is dopeness from the opening of track 1 to the very end. (Shelby J., Vancouver WA)

– If you ever want to know the type of person Kev is just play any one of his tracks. I love the way he opens up with his lyrics and now that he’s producing his projects it brings you into his life on a deeper level. Another amazing project from Kev, Carl Roe does his thing behind the scenes and you can feel the time and the passion on every track. “Waiting”, “Not Stopping Now” and “Don’t Worry Bout a Thang” are my favorites but you can put this one on shuffle and you’ll get a banger. En fuego #4TheNovelty . (Tim S., Kirkland WA)

– All in all, AMV2 is vibey, sense heightening music. Something you’d listen to during a sunset in Ibiza or during an intense morning workout or to ball up in a corner on a foggy day with a cup of coffee to. It’s careful introspection dressed up in an extrovert’s body and that’s a good thing. Now go buy the album! Lol. Seriously though there’s a lot to AMV2 and I’m here to explain. You know how people will get on social media and talk about how they “sat with” the new Kendrick or new J Cole albums? I think that’s a great practice we as music fans should allow ourselves to explore with more artists. When we go to an art museum we do this whole process of interpreting the art regardless of who the artist is. When we read a book or watch a movie we don’t start in the middle or skip to our favorite scenes – we read or watch beginning to end and take the creation in its entirety. Kev’s Artmusic 2 is a great practice in this. Having been fortunate to be familiar with his music for the better part of a decade gives me a…for lack of better terms, a ‘privileged’ lens into artmusic 2. It’s full of growth, there’s a sense of comfort and overall just a really good piece of work. Thing about Kev is you’ve got to allow yourself the chance to find the magic in his music and once you do you’ll be on a great ride. Let go of the preconceived notions of what a hip hop album should be and take this for what it is. With Kev the sum of the parts make up a really cool whole, being someone who also does everything I have a deep respect for the work that is involved. In Artmusic 2, we get a great representation of a man who is confident in who he is and what he makes from the beats to the songs to the artwork. You can tell this is focused, dialed in and put forth by a seasoned vet who knows his place in the music world but yet with all the exuberance of a young buck who just started a soundcloud page. (Q Dot; Grammy Nominee/PH.D Student., Tacoma WA)

– This album is amazing! You can tell Kev worked hard on this album! It’s got 17 amazing songs, gotta listen to it for sure! (Alesa P., Spanaway WA)

– I love hearing an album this raw and personal. It’s a rare gem to find such genuine lyrics mixed with unique beats that stand out among others. This album just dropped and I am already looking forward to the next one! (Mahala B., Seattle WA)